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How is Qixit Pronounced?

Qixit® is pronounced exactly the same as "kicks-it."  Like kicking a bad habit, or kicking it out of the ball park. 

How can I get "free" money?

Advertisers are willing to pay for your time and attention!

Everything starts once you sign up for your free Qixit® email account, Qixit will immediately begin depositing money in your email account.

You'll receive a series of welcome emails from Qixit, some hints on how to get the most money out of your Qixit® email account, and some initial advertiser emails. Of course, every ad will pay you!

And the longer you use Qixit, the more you will make!  Over the course of a year, you may earn hundreds of dollars! Your actual earnings will depend on your interests and interactions with Qixit.  The more you use Qixit, and the more you buy through Qixit, the more valuable you will become to advertisers and the more you will make.

How can Qixit® pay me for emails?

Actually, we make advertisers pay you. Sure, we charge them a set up fee and a percentage of what they pay out (hey, we've got programmers who need to eat!), but 85% of their ad dollars go to you.  And that's how we think it should be. . . after all, it's your attention they want, so why not have them pay you for your time?

That's so different from the way email or advertising has ever been done!

Yep, and we think Qixit® may even be a little bit revolutionary! Now granted, we don't have a ton of advertisers yet. . . so you're on the leading edge of this revolution.

The biggest advertisers will want to see millions of people using Qixit® before they begin to divert the millions they are pouring into Super Bowl ads into money in your pocket.  But we don't have to compete with the Super Bowl to bring you great ads from great companies who are on the cutting edge in customer relations. 

Qixit® offers these companies a great new way to show their respect for your time by paying for your attention.  That's the best way to start a conversation with you. . . and Qixit helps them do that. But make no mistake. . . the money you'll make from Qixit will only keep growing as bigger companies figure out you like them to pay you to get their ads! C'mon and join the revolution. . . Make 'em pay!

How do I actually get paid for my emails??

The way it works is fairly simple. For the first month, you will receive five cents per ad you see.  During this time, the system is learning about which types of ads most interest you so we can better target ads in the future.  After the first month, you can different rates for different ad categories.  That also helps to determine which kinds of ads you will receive.

It's like you are a celebrity and we're your agent.  You get 85% of the delivery fees we collect for you, and we get 15%.  And because we want both of us to make more, we're always looking for ways to increase your value to advertisers.

All the money you receive money goes into an account and you can use it to buy things online or, after you have at least $10 in your account, you can have us send you a check.

But the best way to understand Qixit® is to just try it!  It's free.  You have nothing to lose.  To start earning money today, sign up for your own free Qixit email account!


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