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Please create your Qixitaccount before downloading the optional software.  Your account name will be used to log-in to your account when you first launch the software.

If you have not yet created an account, click here to create your account.

You can use your Qixit account without this software, but for those who can use it, we strongly encourage the use of our Windows® based software client.  This it will give you better performance and more features.  To download the software, use this download link or the button below.

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PLEASE NOTE: This client software currently works only with Microsoft's Windows based operating systems, including VISTA. If you have another operating system, please access your account through your browser using our web based access point:

While not all functions are yet available at the web access portal, additional features are being added there rapidly.  Thank you for your patience.



*Windows and Vista are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.