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The technology behind standard e-mail services (SMTP) is inefficient and very insecure.  But there has never been a sufficient market force to compel internet providers to adopt a new standard that always includes encryption, compression, and message confirmation. 

But now with integration of e-mail and financial services within Qixit® (pronounced "kicks-it"), everyone can benefit from an e-mail technology designed for today's needs.


A Comparison of Qixit® and Standard E-mail


Standard E-mail

Free e-mail software
Delivers and receives standard e-mail messages
Delivers and receives Qixit Secure messages  
Automatic date/time delivery verification ?
Message and attachment integrity confirmed  
Privacy assured via direct delivery and encryption of all content  
Deters spread of computer viruses  
Electronic signatures (optional) *  
Can determine if identity if sender’s identity has been verified *  
Eliminate access for spammers  
Put a value on your time and collect that value  
Selectively pull information you need from businesses and vendors *  
Faster ordering  
Faster payments  
Automatic tracking and balancing of accounts  
Secure delivery of payments  
Secure receipt of payments  
Transfer funds between accounts  
Segregate bills and invoices for easy processing *  
Check free bill payment  
Multiple addresses linked to the same financial account *  
Multiple financial accounts linked to the same address *  
Earn never before realized income on your market identity  
Reduced employee costs and increase revenue per employee  
Lower costs on invoicing, collections, and accounting  
Lower communication costs ?
New business opportunities ?
Faster and easier testing of commercial offers  
Reduced business costs plus increased revenue ?
Control your privacy  
Control your market identity  
Have one or more market or business identities  
Find the people you want to communicate with more easily  
Make contact with people without fear of misusing their time or violating their privacy  

* These advanced Qixit® features will be available soon. Many other feature are currently available only when you download and install the Qixit mail client.
? These items may be available to some e-mail users, but not all.

Headache Free. Use Qixit With Your Current E-mail!

Qixit is easy to use.  It works almost exactly like your standard e-mail software. In fact, you can send and receive regular e-mail from the same Qixit software.

The automated, intuitive process is easy.

You can either access your Qixit account from your web browser, or you can install our more feature rich Qixit mail client. Once installed, your Qixit software can handle both your new Qixit account and your existing e-mail accounts with grace, ease, and improved performance.  Our software allows you to do everything you are already doing with your standard e-mail while also gaining access to all the benefits of your new, free Qixit account.

All your friends and associates can continue to send messages to your standard e-mail.  You can then respond from either your old address or your new Qixit account.

Your daily habits won't change. You'll just be reading and sending your e-mail through your new, state-of-the-art, feature rich Qixit® e-mail software.

Please note: For your convenience, our software allows you to send and receive standard e-mail through your standard e-mail accounts . . . but all the flaws of standard e-mail still apply to those standard e-mail messages.

Qixit's unique security features are only functional in regard to the Qixit messages sent to or received from other Qixit accounts.

If you have a need for highly secure email, with confirmation of delivery, and even the option of canceling an unread message, you should encourage the people who need to send and receive these secure messages with you to get their own Qixit addresses.  The less you use standard e-mail, and the more you use Qixit messages, the more secure (and profitable) your messaging will be.

The more you refer, the more you and others will benefit from Qixit's security.

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Six Great Reasons to Use Qixit®

1. All Qixit messages are processed within a secure, encrypted, closed system.

That means that, unlike standard e-mail, the content of your messages is not bouncing around the internet in a simple text format that anyone can read.  Qixit messages are always encrypted and transmitted through a secure, closed network.

2. Always know if and when your messages were delivered.

Stop worrying about whether your important messages have been accidentally blocked by an overly aggressive spam filter, or otherwise lost in cyberspace.

Stop worrying about whether missing bits or bytes have scrambled your attachments.  Embedded checksums ensure that what is received is exactly what you sent.

Plus, with Qixit, you can always check the delivery status of any previously sent message.  It's like having U.S. Post Office delivery confirmation, FREE, with every letter you mail.  Just check your Sent folder and you will instantly be able to see  precisely when a message was delivered, if it is still waiting to be downloaded, or if it has expired or been rejected for any reason. 

3. Dramatically reduce your exposure to e-mail viruses, fraud, and other internet based crimes.

With standard e-mail it is easy, and common, to insert fake names, addresses, and service providers in the e-mail header which make tracing the source of the e-mail difficult or impossible.

But because Qixit is an enrollment based, closed system, every message sent is traceable to a real financial account, a real mailing address, and a real person. In the event of any complaints or criminal investigations, our financial records will provide a means to trace the source of messages back to the perpetrator of any internet crime.

4. Capture extra income from your market identity while simultaneously eliminating spam.

Your "market identity" is information about your interests and purchasing habits that is extremely valuable to ethical marketers.  They are willing to pay you for that information and for the privilege of delivering you offers about products that are most likely to interest you. 

With Qixit, you get to set the price marketers have to pay to pitch you their wares.  Block them completely, or let through only offers regarding your favorite hobbies.  You are in control.   But even if you accept an average of only two messages per day, worth 20 cents each, that's $146 per year. 

This is money you deserve because you are the one who should be able to control and benefit from your own market identity.

5. Enjoy the convenience of being able to securely send and receive money with your Qixit account.

Qixit is the world's first and only PayMail™ system.

With Qixit it is easy to send money between any two Qixit users.  Send money to your daughter at college.  Pay your brother for the concert tickets. 

Any payment is made easier with Qixit® . . . and will probably cost you less than the transaction charges of other fund transfer services.

As soon as your electric company gets a Qixit account, you will be able to receive your bill via Qixit and then pay it through Qixit, as well. Or, if you own your own business, or sell used items through the internet, Qixit is also a convenient way for you to send bills and accept payments.

And coming soon . . . these financial transactions will easily flow into your favorite financial software.

6.  There are actually far more than five reasons you will benefit from using Qixit.  

But if these five aren't enough to convince you to try Qixit®, I doubt another dozen reasons will make much difference.

So let me ask, can you give five reasons why you shouldn't download Qixit today?

The software is free.  Your account is free.  We only only make money when you make money.   It's easy.   Now is the time to get Qixit.

The best way to see the benefits of Qixit® is simply to try it yourself. 

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This is what Qixit does for your e-mail ...

  • No more spam.
  • No more fear that others will misuse your e-mail address.
  • No more uncertainty if your important messages have been intercepted or swallowed by an Internet black hole.
  • You will now know precisely when sent messages (and attached funds, if any) have been received. 


This is what Qixit does for your money transactions ...

  • No more high transaction fees for sending electronic funds.
  • No more sharing of your credit card and bank account numbers with unknown parties.
  • Easily send and receive secure electronic payments to other Qixit users.
  • Payments you receive are immediately verified upon receipt of your Qixit messages.

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The world's first and only PayMail™ system.