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Money at the Speed of E-mail

Qixit Means Business!

Qixit is the world's first PayMail™ system, integrating secure electronic messaging with both micro and macro fund transfers.

Imagine the possibilities!

  • Send or receive money at the speed of e-mail . . . while always knowing exactly when the money and message have been delivered.
  • Now you can easily collect small (or large) payments from customers for customer support via e-mail or other backend services.
  • Give your customers a more convenient way to pay you with confirmed funds and with lower transaction costs for you.

But Qixit is even more than just a better way to accept and make payments.  It is a marketing revolution!

  • Improve your customer acquisition. With Qixit, it's easy to find a universe of precisely targeted prospects using both user provided profiles plus Qixit’s accumulated Predictive Behavior Profiles.
  • Improve your customer retention.  Giving small cash premiums, of just a few cents, with each follow-up offer will seal your customer's loyalty and eliminate the risk of "spam" complaints.
  • Gather better metrics on prospects' and customers' reactions to your offers, including read time and link activation.  This information allows you to compile hot lists of those who spent the most time considering your offer, even if they didn't buy . . . yet.
  • Increase your backend and impulse sales because your Qixit marketing messages are automatically connected with Qixit's built in payment system.

And the benefits don't stop there.  Qixit can improve a host of your other business practices.

  • Send important private documents and digital materials with unparalleled security and confirmation of intact delivery.  If it's worth your time, it's worth Qixit®.
  • Reduce the waste of time and resources in your office by eliminating spam and other e-mail that doesn't pay.
  • Save on printing, postage, and staff time by sending your bills via Qixit.   Plus, a Qixit invoice can be paid via Qixit, with possible saving in all aspects of your receipts processing.
  • We anticipate that the secure delivery of private messages through Qixit® will provide businesses with much more cost effective ways of complying with privacy regulations imposed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and other government regulations.
  • Qixit® is especially ideal for a small businesses that doesn't have a credit card merchant account. 
  • Plus, your business won't face any annual service fees, setup charges, or require any complicated credit card software.  

Using Qixit for your business is as easy as using e-mail . . . but more profitable.

Qixit Can't be Beat, Especially for Small Payments

  • The transaction costs of Qixit® are highly competitive with typical credit card fees.

  • But Qixit® really shines with small transactions. There is no minimum charge for payments as low as one penny.  Now you can charge five cents or $500 and efficiently collect payments using a single payment method.

  • Imagine being able to offer tens of thousands of people a page of information for just a nickel . . . or selling a cut of your band's album for fifty cents.

  • Such small payments aren't practical with credit card fees. These include a flat fee of 25 cents or more, plus two to three percent.

  • With Qixit, our merchant rates accommodate both small and large transactions.  You will be charged only 15% of the first $2.00 of any payment, and an additional 2.8% on any funds over $2.00.

  • For example, if you charge a nickel for a fact sheet, 4.25 cents will be credited to your account after deducting Qixit's fee of 0.75 cents.   Credit cards can't compete with Qixit's micropayment friendly system!

These are just a few of the benefits of using Qixit® . . . and there are even more in development. 

Don't be the last business in your market to adopt Qixit.™  Be the first to have the Qixit advantage!  

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