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Qixit is fully integrated with 2-Way Micropay™, the world's first two-way micropayment system.  It allows users to both spend and get money with equal ease -- and without the inconvenience and expense of a credit card transaction!

2-Way Micropay™ also allows you to turn any hyperlink into a payment link.  Either to get paid, or to pay the person activating your link.

To sell content, you can use 2-Way Hyperlinks™  to collect payments when selling goods or services online. 

Or to buy someone's time or attention, you can also use 2-Way Hyperlinks™ to make a micropayment payment to people who read your ad, complete your survey, or do any other task which you may require.

Plus, 2-Way Micropay can't be beat for cutting the costs and inconvenience involved in buying online content like music, streaming videos, game play or clipart.  Imagine watching a movie for just 25 cents.  That's not possible with the expense of high credit card fees.  But it is possible with 2-Way Micropay.

Plus, you can use the "free" ad money you earn when you see ads through Qixit®, to easily purchase the content you really want!

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